hard money. noun. politics (in the US) money given directly to a candidate in an election to assist his or her campaignCompare soft money.

Inauguration. The money they spend is often referred to as "hard money" because it is being used directly for the election or defeat of specific candidates. In a typical election cycle, political action committee raise more than $2 billion and spend nearly $500 million.

Hard money refers to coins, while soft money refers to paper currency. But the terms also have a role in politics. They are used to refer to political contributions in the United States.

A hard money loan provides money for short-term expenses similar to a bridge loan.A hard money lender provides the loan as long as the borrower is willing to pledge a piece of real property as collateral against any default.. A common example of a hard money loan is a car title loan.In this case, the value of the car serves as the basis for the loan amount instead of a credit score.

 · Hard money lending rates, also known as private money loan rates, are set by each private lender. These rates are not set by the prime rate or government-backed loan programs. These rates are not set by the prime rate or government-backed loan programs.

Film funding options go much further than just Film Investors. Most movies are financed via multiple sources, and not all are cash transactions or investing (hard money). Alternative film funding investments include soft money, deferred payment, profit participation, product placement, cross-promotion and multiple other ways to decrease a film.

In addition, the federal government shutdown that occurred during the second. The amounts in Slide 7 reflect our recently redefined definition of firm backlog to exclude estimates of unfunded.

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Hard money is an ongoing funding stream versus a one-time grant payment and can also refer to a currency backed by a gold standard or other precious metal. hard money is a term often used to describe a funding stream originating from a government agency or other organization.

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